My big glass of happy









Today is such a fabulous day, I arose feeling the momentum of the last few days and seeing the changes that must be made, the congratulations I must give myself and the attention I begin to pay more and more to. As I prepare for the upcoming juice fast, I find myself extrememly excited about it, this is another step towards my journey, which I welcome with openness and excitement. My openness is to the healing that occurs when connecting with the whole foods that I smell, taste, touch, see and feel as well as the gratitude for them being so that I can be. In all reality I pay homage to every plant that I eat, because they are ancient, provide extreme nourishment and are in their own space of harmony just because they are what they are. Now if that isn’t deep and doesn’t bring you to awareness of how amazing all beings are, I don’t know what does!

See myself I have been on my journey openly from bottom to where I am now for about seven years now, so this is my year of rebirth, Saturn Return as a sistar of mine mentioned to me years ago. Now, the healing that must happen when we go through our life communications with all beings, is meant to educate, for us to grow, heal, transform and change aware of our steps. My journey has become more and more clear to me each time I focus on my raw journey. Now this journey is not just about eating, it is about appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, awareness of all living beings, recognizing that in the entire universe, little me, I am a piece of the puzzle of existence! Wow, now that gives me chills thinking about it, but it makes me so excited to be such an influential part of this beingness called, well who knows what its really called, but I will call it sunshine!

My sunshine is guided and directed by the truth that there is only now, and in the now, we must not live in the past, relive any of those old situations, we must  focus on right here and now, I AM SUPER AWESOME and I WILL DO WHAT MY BEING SAYS I SHOULD, THAT IS POSITIVE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS ALREADY AROUND ME! Yes, I capped that one for you, why, because many of us are caught up in the life around us that we don’t stop to frequently to recognize our roles, to be free to be and to appreciate the path we walk! A part of my goal with healingfoodculture is to share my experiences and to encourage the beauty of right now!

So, as I think of the now, where I have come from, why I am here and step on this path, I enjoy my sunshine and encourage you to do the same, well after you have give gratitude to the most high or the universe, or whatever you connect with, meditate in silence, and then enjoy my sunshine!

1 cup frozen pineapples

1 c frozen banana

1 c aloe

1 cup fresh orange juice

1 c kale, chopped

1 tsp nutmeg

1/2 c blueberries

Blend these colorful givers of life together and when its all blended and creamy, taste this and you will want to face the blender, but resist the urge…!


Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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