Energy and Transformating for healthier long term living

It takes time to establish and stick to new patterns, especially when food, exercise and thoughts come into play for your life…its all transformational! Be patient with yourself!

It helps to highlight for yourself, why you are transfoming your living patterns, container gardening with your youth and other loved ones, what is pleasurable about the transformation, the energy you put out is what you receive, so, no focusing on weight, but on feeling healthy, happy and harmonious, patience, fun and encouragement!

Being and living healthy is about positive and health focused food choices based upon what your body thrives with, establishing  positive life focused patterns of healthy living, good habits that you nurture daily, healthy daily activity and plenty of rest!

Preparing healthy balanced meals with all the colors, mostly fresh, preferably all fresh daily or weekly with left overs to eat through out the week (fresh…fresh…FRESH) Think purples, greens, oranges, reds, blues, etc.!

Make meal planning a family activity, which brings you together and inspires laughter and sharing!

It is important to limit indoor activities, such as television, computer internet usage and video gaming.

Maximize outdoor fun activities, like gardening, swimming, walking, etc., keeping it at a minimum of 30 minutes daily (Which you can spare, even if you separated it to start, 10 minute increments…JUST START and go from there)

A minimum of 7 hours of rest daily, with no eating at least five hours before heading to rest!

ENERGY HEALING BEGINS!!! You can do this!

Every planet is associated with the body, cinnamon is associated with the moon. The moon energy flows through our stomach and digestion. It is extremely important to recognize the larger responsibility and connection to ancient energies, and when looking at self The energy within will determine the flow and manifestation of each of us, mini universe’s!

Energy Healing through food is an important awareness to begin to grasp, because every living being is susceptible to energy influences surrounding us, internally because we ingest it, from what we eat, to externally/ outside energies, the energy that is placed upon the environment within the food, within people and their attitudes, whether they do the energy healing within self and sounds we hear, whether sonic or otherwise.



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