HEALing with Cinnamon

Cinnamon slows the rate of stomach digestion, steadying the bodies blood sugar levels as it digests meals throughout the day and regulating the body’s insulin levels, which is extremely important for those with the curable dis-ease diabetes.

Make a tea of 3 tsp of cinnamon to 8 oz of boiling water 3 times daily!

Your cinnamon will keep fresh in the refrigerator for 6-9 months.

If the cinnamon you have stored, doesn’t smell sweet and spicy, this means it has lost its freshness and you should compost it.


Every planet is associated with the body, cinnamon is associated with the moon. The moon energy flows through our stomach and digestion. It is extremely important to recognize the larger responsibility and connection to ancient energies, and when looking at self The energy within will determine the flow and manifestation of each of us, mini universe’s!

Energy Healing through food is an important awareness to begin to grasp, because every living being is susceptible to energy influences surrounding us, internally because we ingest it, from what we eat, to externally/ outside energies, the energy that is placed upon the environment within the food, within people and their attitudes, whether they do the energy healing within self and sounds we hear, whether sonic or otherwise.

I went to a spice store recently and witnessed all of the different spices, as I travelled through the aisles, I used all of my senses, first, seeing them, what a blessing, smelling them, heavenly, touching their different textures, hearing their individual sounds as they fell back into each little jar I poured them in, mesmerizing me, and lastly, tasting each of the flavors almost like tasting the ancient beginnings of each of them! Wow, but of all of the sacred spices and herbs that i discovered and rediscovered, Cinnamon, I am drawn to! The pungent, delicate, strong, light and curled bark that is delicous in any way you decide to enjoy it, this is one amazing spice!

There are two different types of cinnamon, the more pungent nippy Cassia cinnamon and the light and delicate Ceylon cinnamon. There are many out there now, but these two cinnamon’s are the most common. Cinnamon has long been used in seasoning of savory and sweet dishes, as in the burial and mummification in Egypt and the leaves were worn to invite love, just to name a few. When I found this information out, I wanted to investigate more…

The more I found was that Cinnamon has been known to be ease an upset stomach, fight colds and flu’s, heal yeast and fungus infections and has even been used in Canada as a cancer prevention, per Britsh Columbia Cancer Research Center. The healing is endless…

Enjoy this wonderful healer and flavor booster! Respect to the trees!


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