Magnesium do you know why you need it?

Make sure to add magnesium to your daily eating because this vital nutrient activates over 300 of your body’s natural enzymes, also acting as a natural stress reducer, while protecting your body from stress, reducing the hormone that triggers stress in the body, relaxing your nerves and muscles, builds and strengthens your bones and keeps your blood circulating smoothly.

Muscle weakness, spasms or tremors, increased heart rate, weak bones, blood sugar imbalance, elevated blood pressure, headaches are just a few signs that you may need more magnesium in your daily eating.

A few magnesium rich foods to add if you don’t already eat them are:

Pumpkin seeds


Swiss Chard

Sesame Seeds

Black Beans

Sunflower Seeds

Cashews and



Add magnesium to your daily or weekly eating plan with my flavor celebration:

Shallot Chickpea Dressing

1 Shallot, peeled and minced

¼ c chickpeas soaked for 2 hours, pureed in food processor

¼ c sesame oil

3 tbl olive oil

1 garlic clove, peeled and minced

3 tbl white wine or substitute for lemon juice

1 tbl cashew yogurt

1 tbl date syrup (3 dates to ½ c water, soak; puree until syrup consistency)

Combine and whisk until combined, enjoy with a greens salad with radishes, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes and scallions




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