What does transformation look like?

It takes time to establish and stick to new patterns, especially when food, exercise and thoughts come into play for your life…its all transformational!

Be patient with yourself!

It helps to highlight for yourself, why you are transforming your living patterns, whether your healthier choices are exercising more, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, adding more dairy free and gluten-free treats or changing your mindset about being happy, the point is, being patient, as you take and make healthier choices. My question for myself is always: what is pleasurable about the transformation I am go through currently? I found that being present as I am going through the next steps guides me to be more inspired, focused and to really feel. Many times we go through life without feeling, because we are always thinking and trying not to feel. Feeling means that you are present in the moment without the rationale of the feeling. It just is, this is what I like to stay in, the remembrance of each moment as it connects with me, and myself with it. It sounds really deep, I know but that moment between just being and thinking is the moment of freedom and energy of enjoyment of all things. When we can be in the moment our choices are more natural, more wholesome, and simpler.

Its more natural for us to want a smoothie when it is hot out, drink water when we rise, eat a cherry when we are feeling a sweet craving, what can you do to stay in this natural state?

A few tips that are very simple to add in your daily routine:

* Add ROMAINE LETTUCE leaves and subtract bread products when making wraps. Romaine lettuce is sturdy enough to hold rice, vegetables and sauces or marinades and are full of much nutrition! Romain lettuce is noted for being full of vitamins A, C, K and B, as well as chromium, manganese, fiber, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

* Add BLUEBERRIES into your weekly eating plan. One cup of blueberries weekly can lower your risk of High Blood Pressure, increase your body’s immunity, increase your body’s nervous system and brain health, increasing your memory and keep your blood healthy! Blueberries are loaded with vitamin K and C, manganese, fiber and many antioxidants, including cyanidins, malvidins, caffeic acids, coumaric acids and gallic acids!

How’s that for bountiful enjoyment? As you travel your journey of health and happiness, think about these foods I just listed above, their healthfulness and remember how you felt before tasting them and how much more awesome you feel afterwards! Then keep it up and eat them weekly at least three times weekly!


Lastly, staying in remembrance about the energy you put out is what you receive, so, no focusing on weight, but only on feeling healthy, happy and harmonious, then patience, fun and encouragement become your fellow travellers on your path of inspiration!


Enjoy this smoothie today, be present and have fun! PLEASE DO LAUGH LOUDLY!

Monday Superfoods Smoothie:

7 kale leaves

3 lettuce leaves

1 c blueberries

1 apple

1 small lime

8-12 oz water or coconut water

Add water and greens blend, then add other ingredients and blend until creamy and enjoy!



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