After giving birth in Ethiopian Culture…

Greetings loved ones! I was in a meeting today with a local Ethiopian Elder Mother, she laid some heavenly awakening on me about the after birth process for the mother and baby! Why I am sharing this with you? I believe the amazingness of culture is knowing the history and cultural differences from youth to elder years, farming and gardening to bun!

As we discussed cultural differences and healing through food, this was one of the truly beautiful lessons I learned!

After birth, a thick hot porridge is made of barley, whole wheat flour and berbere¬†spiced ghee, the porridge is called GENFO! Genfo, helps the mother to gain her strength back and heal quicker. After she eats her porridge, a drink of ground flax seeds, thick rolled oats and honey is given to the mother, this drink is given to the mommy to increase her breast milk production, eases constipation in the mother and assists the baby to latch on easier! How amazing…!

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