Kite Flyer

Kite Flyer….


who remembers those days when you were young & first learned how to fly a kite, in the wind, sun shining, breeze almost taking you away! Joy of it all, as a kid playing with the wind, the sun & the kite…friends forever I say!

All of the above were my inspiration, when I made this smoothie. I recounted the fun & excitement with my mom as we played together! Reminiscing and enjoying those precious moments…ahhhhhh!

Thank you so much mom (Salutes, my mommy & every amazing extraordinary mommy in the universe)! This Kite Flyer smoothie is for your honor!

Kite Flyer

1c fresh mango, frozen
1 banana, frozen
1/2 c fresh pineapple
1/4 tsp allspice
1 fig
1 tbl baby beet greens
1 1/4 c almond mylk

Add all ingredients to your blender, blend until smooth and creamy, now you’re ready to KITE FLY!


Posted from Ariel Bangs, Culinary Director, Co-Creator, Taste International After School Culinary Program


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