Breakfast Pudding

I am excited to share with you a surprise, I am creating a book…

This book is dedicated you every one of you, that has inspired me, shared with me, encouraged others through your journeys and have decided to take the path of WholeLovingHealth! In the book, I will share my journey, there will be pictures, culinary tips, as you know I love to share with you the holistic healing in fresh ingredients!

Freedom is in the hands of the creation of fresh whole ingredients from the beautiful bountiful Planet we inhabit! Let us love her, be inspired by her and begin to treat her as we would our most beloved loved one, caring for her, protecting her and embracing her as she nurtures us!

THANK YOU again for your continued support, encouragement and positive energy that you consistently share with me!

Breakfast Pudding w/cashew cream

1 c quinoa or millet

1 c Orange Juice

1 tsp Cinnamon

½ tsp allspice

¼ c fresh blueberries

¼ c apricots, chopped

1 plantain, softened and mashed

Soak quinoa in Orange Juice in medium bowl until soft, 3-6 hours or overnight; next add Plantains mix together to combined, add spices and mix until combined, next add Blueberries and Apricots. Serve and enjoy!


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