Cacao Bowls

Have you ever thought about how wonderful cacao is? I mean the flavors, the texture, the visuals, the dark elegance and the gratification once you taste the chocolatey goodness….YUMMY!

This bowl started off as a pudding and ended up being the most delightful flavors I could’ve tasted and next thought that popped into my head was a Mayan priestess offering me this at a cacao ceremony, where there were pools of chocolate that everyone had their own individual one to jump in, because lets face it, I am not jumping into any chocolate pool that someone elses toes have been in and I want mine unsweetened and most people do not like this. Ok back to my vision as I am biting into this cacao bowl, then there is cacao oozing out of the sides, not where others have drank but it was overflowing goodness and smell made me tell myself…easy does it, don’t rush, be casual about your interest in the priestess’ delicious cup of overflowing goodness! Then I smelled the delightful smell of cinnamon…ahhh!!!

I awoke from my flash vision to my bowl of awesomeness! Enjoy it and if there is a vision or dream that comes about, I WANT TO KNOW!!! SHARE!!!


Mayan Cacao Bowl


3 tbl chia seeds                                    ¼ c almond mylk


½ c coconut oil                                    2 tbl ground almonds


¼ tsp chipotle pepper                          7 dates


¼ c cacao nibs or cacao powder




Add chia seeds and almond mylk to medium bowl soak for 20 minutes or until begins to gel, then add almonds, chipotle pepper, dates and cacao nibs; melt coconut oil; Bring out your food processor, add your ingredients to food processor and pulse until combined. Taste, add another date or agave if you want to sweeten it. Add the mixture to small cups, refrigerate until they are set. Serve. Enjoy! Be ENERGIZED


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