Spicy Salad


Today is a keep it simple day, well most days are keep it simple days, especially when it is creating something for me! I was thinking of Thai food today, and since I do not eat fish, oysters nor the like, I decided to create my own Thai comfort food! Now, it’s about 70 today, not too hot, not too cold, just right, I am working outside and the thought crossed my mind, about what are people who do not eat meat that may have a slight craving for that sweet and spicy flavor that you receive when taking in those flavors that are native to Thailand? Well here is a quick, simple and comfort salad for you to try out!

Let me know your thoughts!


This salad is for those days when you are missing Thai food and want a simple salad to quench your palate!


Dressing: Lime tamari dressing


2 limes, juiced                                1 orange juiced

1/4 c tamari                                    3 tbl nama shoyu

4 dates                                           1 – 2 tbl olive oil

1 tsp each coriander, rice wine vinegar and minced garlic


Salad: Julienne rainbow salad


4 carrots                                     1 bunch kale

2 daikon radish                            1 green chile or jalapeno

1 yellow bell pepper                      1/4 eggplant


Slice carrots, radish, chile and yellow pepper into thin slices (Julienne), add to large bowl; slice eggplant into 6 long pieces, slice diagonally into 1/4 inch pieces, add to bowl. Now, clean kale, pat dry, chop and add to a separate bowl, add 1 tbl olive oil, 1 tsp coriander, rice wine vinegar and minced garlic, now massage kale breaking the structure down until it’s the consistency of lettuce (it will be wilted and crunchy but very yummy) , add to bowl with Julienne vegetables. Toss to combine. To make dressing, add lime and orange juice to blender with tamari, nama shoyu, dates, blend until creamy and smooth.


Add one cup of salad to your plate, drizzle dressing on and enjoy!


I like to add sesame seeds to mine as a garnish!

Tell me what you think...

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