Cherries, Strawberries and Grapes…OHHHHH MY!

What do you know about these fruit? Cherries fight inflammation, cancer such as colon, reduce gout by lowering the uric acid in your blood; they are full of quercetin, ellagic acid, anthocyanin Put some in a smoothie or eat, freeze the other half for later in the year when cherries are out of season! Grapes reduce our body’s cells ability to store fat, improves our blood circulation through our vessels, lowers blood pressure, by relaxing our blood vessels walls, reservatol removes the plaque and free radicals that have been connected with brain damaging Dis-eases such as Alzheimers Strawberries regulate our body’a electrolytes which lower our body’s risk of stroke and heart attack, are high in folate which assist in the creation of healthy red blood cells, stops the production of unhealthy cholesterol and prevents unhealthy cholesterol from producing and staying in your liver So lets salute these awesome creations by sharing with others, the information about these wonderful creations as well as pick some of these, blend them and share with someone this smoothie! CHERRY HEALER 1 c pitted cherries 1 c purple grapes 1 c whole strawberries 1 plantain, ripe (black skin) 1 c coconut water or chia water Blend! Enjoy and be harmonious, joyful and filled! Love and happiness, Ariel

Posted from Ariel Bangs, Culinary Director, Co-Creator, Taste International After School Culinary Program


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