Celebrate and Savor Morocco

It’s a rainy chilly day, we just harvested a few pounds of Cranberry, Yukon and Fingerling potatoes from our garden and feeling completely inspired about all the living beings who have made the garden their home, harvesting the vegetables from the garden, hearing hummingbirds buzz past me, letting me know they are here, checking me out and feeling the fall in the air, a thought comes to me as my middle name is called…


I think, ahhhh, what would potatoes Moroccan style look like and taste like?

Yes, a Potato chickpeas tagine, lemon preserves and potatoes or Potatoes and Harissa…these all sound delightful to me, but as I gaze back and see the various mint grown, I get an ephiphany…Mint and Potatoes would make a love filled flavorful cake!

Mint gives any ingredient a refreshing delicious flavor that is evocative, complex and bright…true food romance!

Moroccans adore full flavors, rich and almost always include the expensive saffron, so I am going to create my Moroccan inspired cakes and I will put a Tunisian spin on it…with FYAAA! I love fiery food, and you know what that means? PEPPERS, Spicy pungent goodness…OH Peppers how I have loved you for so long!

I have loved peppers, something about peppers is so sexy, their aroma is mesmerizing and exciting and their ability to warm the body is beautiful!

Peppers were imported to North Africa, like potatoes, chilies, paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper, among many other ingredients, which all are in my Moroccan inspired Potato cakes! These cakes are designed to be an abundant offering to loved ones, those we know and those we are meeting for the first time, you know the passerby that says, mmm that smells heavenly, what is that? Come in and enjoy we should say! That is the kind of cake this is, one that makes a new face an instant member of the family!

You want to know in addition to ingredients, smells and observing a creation all come together, what I adore? I adore how a meal created with love, focused on health, healing and connecting, brings together many, family, friends and those we have yet to get acquainted with to come together and enjoy a spirited meal! NOW THIS IS HOW LOVE LOOKS AND WHAT IT TASTE LIKE…this I learned from my mommy! You create, you share, you connect, you laugh and you enjoy…YOU LOVE! Ahhh…now this is heart warming, isn’t it?

I urged you to try this recipe, then create with your loved ones a love filled meal to share, connect, laugh and enjoy with one another!

Celebrate Morocco, love and one another with these spiced Potato Cakes! Enjoy!

With Love, Ariel Mwahhh my beloved readers!

Spiced Potato Cakes

3 lbs potatoes

1 tbl paprika

2 tbl cumin

1 banana pepper, minced

1 bunch cilantro, diced

3 cloves garlic

2 tbl ground flaxseed + 4 tbl water

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp cayenne pepper

¼ onion, diced or minced

Boil potatoes until cooked. Remove, peel or leave with skins on, mash. Add other ingredients to potatoes except for eggs. Once all ingredients are mixed thoroughly, add eggs. Mix to combine. Form into patties. Add 3 tbl olive oil to large pan, be sure to let it warm for about 45 seconds,  add three patties at a time. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until browned on each side. Remove. Enjoy these cakes with my dilled carrots and lemony chickpeas with dates and cinnamon! All together this meal will be substantial, nourishing and entertain conversation all on its own!

Spiced Moroccan Potato Cake Mixture

Spiced Moroccan Potato Cakes

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