A few thoughts on WINTER TIME SELF CARE

During wintertime, we go into hibernation mode. We pick up habits, take on thoughts about the year-healthy and unhealthy, and find ourselves getting away or getting in our way!
It’s time to lead this winter with some ideas and thoughts on healthful eating, let me a share a few with you that come to mind: First, it is easy to feel unhappy during the winter, for whatever reason, for many it is because it is not sunshiny, well stop that.
First, embrace the weather, the beauty of it and focus on helping someone else, whether it is donating, adopting a family, helping your neighbor or sharing a smile with ever person you see around you!
Second, Portioning. When you eat remember if its bigger than your palm it’s too much! Be attuned to if you are hunger, thirsty or just feeling the pangs of boredom.
Drink a 8-12 oz glass of water when you are feeling hungry, if you are hungry afterwards, then eat with balance. It is challenging for me to say what YOU should or shouldn’t eat in portions because everyone is different. My rule of thumb is to eat 1 cup of grains, 1 c of fruit or veggies, 3 tbl – 1/2 c protein. My protein is normally in the form of beans, legumes, nuts. The main thing is to focus on what your body is telling you to do and what makes you feel healthy.
Third, drink at least 9 8oz glasses of water, I drink about 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon, this is me. I drink this because my body feels at her optimum! My skin glows, my lips are healthy, not dry and chapping, my hair is healthy and my organs feel like they are singing inside! If you feel that drinking water is a challenge for you, add fruit and/or herbs into it. This gives it a naturally enjoyable flavor! One of my favorites is lemon, mint and cucumber, oranges and sage or berries and lemon verbena!
Keeping in mind that during the winter season, we must pay even more attention and take extra special care of ourselves.! Try this out this week, at least three times. Are you interested in meal ideas or recipes?

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