Letting go!


Ok, the MOST IS AMAZINGNESS so I’m sharing about my letting go of things & how it turned seriously fabulous!

I cooked in Olympia, got caught in traffic for a WHILLLLE, then get to Seattle for my mtg on Sunday for programming.

I meet a woman & her husband,  they asked me to come to do a heart circle with them & make some healing herb bags for them.

Then I see a woman I met over a month ago who bought my cookies, she introduces me to her friend who lives in LA & Jamaica who buys 50 to be delivered this week before he flys out. He asks and takes all my cards & brochures to give to his friends who are health present.

Then I see the account rep where my online store is, he remembers me & asks to help me with my store, we make an appointment, he wants to help because he has been watching me hustle my products. Very awesome for the offer.

Then I meet someone who bought my Groupon for my gluten free cooking class & also asks about Raw transitioning, exciting & on point.

Then have my mtg, which ends in my partner writes up a letter…we are in synch…taste international!


I get ready to leave & a woman heard me talking about my cookies, classes & how food heals & she asks to hire me, I give her my card, we set a date.


I am outside laughing loud as usual & turned some clients from laughing loud!

Then a woman whom I know asks if I’d be interested in moving to the city, she wants to talk about her house!

I’m saying how amazing! This all I believe is from me letting go the past few days!

If you are going through anything that is keeping you COMPLETELY PEACEFUL, LET GO & OBSERVE THE MOST HIGH!




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