Water is important

Did you know that as you age the amount of water in your body decrease? This is a reason to drink more water, drink less alcohol and eat less salt.

Drinking tea without sweetener in it, eating foods seasoned with herbs and spices and reminding yourself of those waters we keep talking about with fruit and herbs in it, providing those flavors you love makes it much easier to consume water.

Water keeps you hydrated, feeling energized, motivated and happier!

By drinking more water, keeping your body hydrated your balance is enhanced, your memory is much better, and your skin glows more radiantly!

Many have said to me that it is hard to drink water unless its flavored or sweetened, my remedy for this is to add herbs like mint, rosemary and sage into your water with citrus fruits, melon fruits, kiwi, apples or any other fruits that you adore, this gives you variety, makes it fun and guess what MOMMIES, this is a way to create a great mommy and me kitchen time. After the herbs and fruits are ready to be replaced, normally after about 2 gallons of water drinking, puree them in the blender and add them to your ice tray and freeze them. Now you have some fun ice cubes for your party, or beverages for guests or for a twist with your family!

Love and Light!


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