Omega and Protein rich smoothie


Try this nutrient rich smoothie from my cleanse!

      1/3c Chard,

       2tbl Chia seeds,

      2tbl cashew butter,

      1/4tsp allspice,

      3 dates,

      1 RIPE plantain,

      2c cashew milk


Why is this smoothie wonderful for you?

 Is extremely healthy for you packing fiber, vitamins A, K, C & E, nutrients magnesium, manganese, iron &
potassium, the nutrient lutein and controls blood sugar, prevents cell growth of cancer cells . Chard is very popular in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland  & Holland.

has the spices cloves, which has manganese, magnesium, calcium, fiber & vitamins K & C.

Chia seeds:

In every tablespoon, you’ll receive a healthy amount of Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Omega, Calcium and Protein


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