Vegan Snack-time ideas

Vegan snack ideas:

Hummus and Vegetables
Rice Crackers and Nut Butter
Orange berry Smoothie
Apples and Cacao Nut Butter
Tropical Fruit and Lime Coconut Dip
Sesame Crackers with Avocado spice Dip
Chocolate Banana smoothie
Spiced Nuts and Chickpeas
Kale Chips
Roasted Seaweed
Vanilla Blueberry bars
Fruit nut squares
Granola and Almond Yogurt
Fresh Fruit
Cranberry Chia cookies
Almond Butter Toasted Rice Bars
Pear Pecan muffins
Pumpkin Carrot Cookie
Zucchini Apple Bread
Par fairs with granola, Almond Yogurt and fruit
Chocolate Oat Nut Cookies
Quinoa Cacao Cherry tartlets
Tortilla Chips and Salsa or Guacamole
Foul with Injera
Layered Salad with Pineapple Sage dressing
Beet Carrot Spinach elixir juice!

I have recipes for any of these snacks , let me know which you want!


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