Keeping a Simple Kitchen and you having fun while in it

It is vital that you understand that the key to kitchen love is about knowing your scheduling needs, whats in your kitchen, knowing your time frame and knowing when to ask for help. There is no reason to try to short cut, but every reason to be and keep it simple until you are ready to put more time, effort and know that sometimes its more fun to cook with another.

This makes every kitchen experience much more efficient, fun and simple, for you as you are learning and being inspired!

How often do you shop every week? Do you have a certain set of ingredients that are always in your kitchen-the staples? Use these two questions to remember how efficient shopping, preparing, cooking and eating healthy meals can be for you and your family.

One thing to remember is how you work as far as remembering when you need to replenish. Another thing to remember is what your time frame is when you are in the kitchen, so you can prepare properly.

In general these are foods that I keep stocked and ready to create in my kitchen and when I travel to clients home for private chef experiences and private cooking classes are:


Baking powder

Fresh and Dried Beans

Breadcrumbs (I make my own bread and take a few slices to make breadcrumbs with and freeze them, vacuum packing. This way I have what I may need but not too much that they will be wasted)

Cacao Powder and Nibs

Gluten-Free flours

Dried Fruits (which I buy in bulk and have not been sprayed-my co-op has a great variety that I enjoy. It is different from city to city, so check to see what co-ops are near you)


Brown Rice Syrup

Mustard Seeds


Nuts and Seeds (I bag up a portion for me to use each week and freeze the remainder until I am ready to use to prevent them from going rancid)

Oils (Olive, Avocado, Sesame, Coconut, Grapeseed, etc.)

Rice (Brown, Black)

Grains (Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, Buckwheat, etc.)

Nama Shoyou (Soy Sauce Alternative)

Tamarind Pulp

Peppers, dried

Vegetable Stock (I make mine from extra vegetables or the pieces I cut off when making and baking food and freeze it in ice cube trays or bags)

Vinegars (Pineapple, Orange, Champagne, Apple Cider, Brown Rice, Wine, etc.)

Yeast (If you are a baker this is important but if you like yeast free breads or don’t bake bread or sweet breads like sweet rolls, challah or quark stuten, don’t purchase this)

These are all best if you store them in a dark place that is relatively cool and pest free. These keep generally for 3-6 months, however as you are creating simple dishes you will find you begin to replenish your stock of these supplies more often.

You’ll notice I didn’t add spices above, and this is just because I like to buy fresh or whole spices and them chop and add then store the remainder in the fridge or in the freezer for use later in the week or maybe at the latest two weeks and the whole dried, I usually grind or shave as needed. I do this instead of purchasing ground because they last longer and remain fresher longer.

This is a nice start I think, later I will post a recipe. What are your favorite five ingredients, choose at least two from here and the remainder vegetables and fruits, I will create a recipe and post it with your FIVE FAVORITE INGREDIENTS!

Until next time, smile, drink lots of water, have a yummy juice and share this with someone that you think would find this information useful and fun!








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