Black Vidal Stew


Black Vidal Stew

This stew is a creation from a fun experiment: What can we create from what is in this kitchen? I arrived at my client’s home and her response was I haven’t went shopping yet, so I decided that we should use ingredients that were in the kitchen at that moment. Why, you ask? Because its so important that when we have what is in our kitchen, we use it, not feeling like we have to go shopping, because what happens if and when you are in a time where money is short, and simplicity is key…what do you do? You create something awesome and flavorful and it ends up being one of the best dishes you’ve created. So, celebrate NOT spending your life at the stove for this delicious dish while at the same time it tasting like you did! Yum!

I absolutely adore black rice, cinnamon, apricots and white wine when creating recipes, mainly for me, it’s the differences in the cultures of these ingredients and the flavors, the way they come together and create music something like what I envision John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Andy Allo and Nina Simone would sound like together in concert! What sweet sultry music that would be! What tops this recipe off is being able to create a new tradition by incorporating Vegan FIELD ROAST Sausage into this dish, making it even hardier.

Let, pulling a few ingredients out of the various cupboards be your new tradition!


1 jalapeno, chopped

2 tsp cinnamon

4 Chipotle Field Roast Sausages

1 tsp sea salt

2 tbl parsley

1 c dried Apricots, chopped

12 oz roma tomatoes, chopped

1 c black rice

3 c water or vegetable broth

2 tsp paprika

5 garlic cloves, chopped

2 onions, chopped

3 c Vidal white wine

1 tbl coriander

1 tsp marjoram

3 tbl olive oil

Add black rice to pan with 1 tbl warming olive oil, sauté for 5 minutes, add water and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes or until cooked. Set aside. Chop sausages  Add to pan with 1 tbl olive oil, sauté for five minutes, add garlic, onions and jalapeno, sauté for 2 minutes. Add spices, tomatoes, apricots, parsley and white wine, simmer for five minutes. Add black rice and stir to combine. Simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat. Serve with Cornbread and or salad.


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