Almond crumble Quinoa Bowl


This morning I was feeling like a delicious, nutritious, quick bowl of warmth before I headed out for my day. Because my days are long having powerful combinations of spices, fruits, grains and nuts makes me feel the power of the ancients!

Quinoa has some amazing rich history, dating back more than 7,000 years ago, this little grain is very high in protein, and is a complete protein I might add! Quinoa contains many nutrients, for starters this delicious grain is rich in amino acids, is packed full of Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and vitamin B which makes so much sense why it has been a staple in so many cultures.

Quinoa was a foundational food for meals for many cultures, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Peruvians, Bolivians, Ecuadorians, and many other cultures throughout South America. This grain was used as a creamy nourisher for new mothers to help them to regain their strength after labor and breastfeeding, provided much needed nutrition for newborns and infants, was a staple taken when warriors went on long journeys, and also was used as a clothing detergent, antiseptic and so much more.

When preparing your own Quinoa in addition to the following recipe Quinoa can be prepared in many simple ways, here are a few of my favorites:

~ I love to use Quinoa in salad, add two to five of your favorite vegetables or fruits, add nuts or seeds and your choice of herbs and spices and drizzle a citrus juice or make your own vinaigrette and enjoy a filling bowl of delicious that will keep you satiated while you are out and about handling your business, working or travelling.

~ I also have toasted quinoa in a skillet or in the oven for a few moments, then pour melted unsweetened chocolate mixed with allspice and let cool. I then break into pieces and have a delicious treat for the craving of sugar, but its just healthier! This is also a great idea to create with your little people that want to hang out in the kitchen with you!

Now, enjoy this recipe as you continue your Gluten-Free Week, day four!





1 c Quinoa

1 -2/3 c Almond Milk

1 c Strawberries

1 c Mango

1/3 c chopped pecans

1/4 c dried cherries

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Allspice

1 Orange, juiced

1 tsp Vanilla

2 tbl coconut oil

1/4 c almonds

Rinse and drain Quinoa. Toast your Quinoa in a dry hot pan for 4-5 minutes, tossing or stirring occasionally. Make sure it doesn’t burn!!!

Add Almond milk, bring to a boil, cover then turn down to simmer on medium low heat for fifteen minutes.

While Quinoa is cooking, in a food processor add Almonds and Coconut Oil, pulse until resembles crumbles. Remove and add to small bowl, set aside.

Next, rinse Strawberries, cut off tops, add to bowl, set aside.

Peel and chop Mango, add to small bowl, set aside.

When Quinoa is finished cooking, add spices, Orange juice and Vanilla, scoop about a cup into your small bowl, top with fruit and pecans. Enjoy!

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