Gluten-Free Week: Day 5

Good morning,

Today is the fifth day and I thought about berries this morning, again! Every thought about Strawberries is so wonderful, so I thought about something I had read and one of my favorite smoothies! Enjoy both in gratitude for the red berry we all love called Strawberries!


A Tuft University research team discovered two very amazing pieces of tasty health information:

Strawberries reduce blood glucose levels after you have eaten a meal with a lot of starch in it!

Strawberries also have been researched to reduce the loss of cognitive functioning!

How amazing is this? Grow your strawberries or buy Chemical free Strawberries

Enjoy your strawberries with yogurt, by themselves, in a smoothie, on pancakes or make your own ice cream! Yum!

Strawberry Smoothie

1 c Strawberries

1 c Apple Juice

1 tsp ginger

7 Spinach leaves

1 c Pineapple, frozen


Blend. Enjoy




Tell me what you think...

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