SpringIp30: Week One Day One Health Tip


SpringUp30 Challenge Tip:

The between lunch and dinner time can have us in a treasure hunt for tasty morsels to tide us over until dinner, but snacking in my opinion is healthy and a part of my daily life because I’m always in the go. Here are a few tips for you to try.
Choose a protein- and fiber-rich snack.
Pairing vegetables or whole grains with bean dip, hummus or a nut butter can satisfy your midday hunger and increase your energy levels.
Try a snack roll-up made with collard leaves, black beans marinated in cumin, garlic, olive oil and orange juice and Dijon mustard.
Try out a avocado pineapple smoothie and a few nuts on the side.
Coconut or Almond yogurt with fresh berries and nuts
These are a few healthy choices to try that are simple, quick and nourishing for you!



3 responses to “SpringIp30: Week One Day One Health Tip

  1. I never used to be a snacker but due to illness, I have been losing weight rapidly and crave food all the time. I’ve been looking at high protein snacks. You’ve just reminded me that I should make a bean dip and maybe just keep it in the fridge for snack emergencies 🙂

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