SpringUp30: Food for thought: Miso


I love miso because it’s so versatile and adds a tangy flavor, so I use it in soups, as a broth, salad dressings, marinades, etc and there’s do many kinds ! I steer clear of DIY, so I use Chickpea, Fava, Brown Rice, etc.
You can purchase anywhere, I go to a local co-OP, health food store or Fred Myers.

When there’s no miso, substitute nut butters, tahini, vegetable broth, tamari(soy alternative for teriyaki sauce) or Nama Shoyu (soy alternative for soy sauce) #miso #tahini #vegetablebroth #nutbutter #chickpeas #brownrice #fava #springup30 #healthyeating #healthytips


2 responses to “SpringUp30: Food for thought: Miso

  1. I love Miso. I bought some locally made, organic miso on Saturday and have already used it in many dishes. I love that on top of being a great umami savoury hit, it’s also very good for you.

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