SpringUp30: Food for Thought: Bananas


Bananas have been a mainstay in many cultures, earliest research has shown BANANAS were found in Malaysia, India, Middle East, and Africa hundred thousands of years ago. Banana has been know to heal everything from warts, to plaque from teeth, and as a soother for insect bites!

How, well the enzymes in the banana peel reduces inflammation, the banana itself produces a thicker protective barrier against acids, and bacteria’s, particularly the ones causing ULCERS.

Bananas are known to reduce diarrhea as well.

Bananas are also a sleep aid!

Bananas so creamy and powerfully healing, you can eat your next banana knowing you are fueling your body with VITAMIN C, VITAMIN B6, FIBER, POTASSIUM, LOW IN SODIUM, the green bananas are an excellent source if resistant starch, which slowly digests in the body preventing sugar spiking as it digests, which is an important focus for those with DIABETES, Red Bananas are a powerful source of Beta-Carotene and Alpha-Carotene



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