Clean Eating Is…


Good morning SPRINGUP30 family!!! I have been thinking about our journey together and thought about some tips that would be most helpful as you journey through this challenge and tools that would assist you as you continue. I’ve created this article for you to use a guide! PLEASE DONT JESUTATE TO ASK QUESTIONS, MESSAGE Coach P and myself about anything! We want to make sure you’re feeling great, supported, encouraged and motivated to take this journey and continue on your journey after you’ve completed this challenge!

What is Clean Eating

My belief in Clean eating is that it is focusing on healthy fresh
whole fods, the best way to eat is by eating a rainbow of whole foods
often! These foods that I am speaking of are fresh, raw, organic and
gmo free fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes,
herbs and spices, vinegars, healthy fats, MUFAS, whole grains and
vegan protein. In my thoughts a great way to stay on track is by
eating the healthy fats, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Polyunsaturated
Fatty Acids and being aware what these are. Naturally by eating this
way as well as moving often, drinking lots of water and positive
thinking, your body’s natural cellular state regenerates, rejuvenates,
heals and functions at optimum levels. Now, when I say raw and fresh
foods, this means that you eat these regularly but it doesn’t mean you
have to be 100% raw but it does mean that it should be at least 50% of
your food consumption. Salads, Smoothies, Juices, fresh fruit and
vegetables and nuts and seeds are a big part of the 50% and actually
makes it much more simple to do this CLEAN EATING LIVING idea of life!
The great news is you can do it and we are doing it together for the
next 30 days, which will give you a clean head start to continue after
the 30 days on your own! Now, the last very fun and delicous kicker to
this is that you try a new whole food weekly and keeping your meals
and snacks simple and easy to start! The simpler the better, than you
can add on later! Let’s begin my beloved ones!
1st Thought and a Very VITAL Part to this is:
FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Why? Well…fruits and vegetables are your
fiber rich, nutrient dense love foods that perk you up, inspire you,
excite you and energize you with every sense! So, what I do when I am
thinking of meals for myself and my clients, I Choose fresh and pretty
produce, wherever I go, I get what is pretty and if something that I
have on my list is not looking pretty, I move to a prettier decently
priced equivilent which for me is any other vegetable or fruit that I
or they would like to eat. I DO STAY AWAY FROM canned and processed
FOOD PRODUCTS. From my knowledge of being a Raw Foodie for a while I
do believe that we are able and fuction optimally on EVERYTHING fresh,
which as I mentioned before is fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and
seeds, beans and legumes, oils and vinegars, dried fruits, herbs and
spices. Now, if you are going to buy anything packaged, frozen is
better than canned. For so many reasons canned is not good for you,
but we will wait to talk about that another day.
2nd Thought and an IMPORTANT one is PROTEIN:
Now, when it comes to protein, you’ll hear, be told and read many
things, but I want to be loving and honest with you, YOU ARE ABLE AND
CAN THRIVE on vegan protein!!! What is vegan protein? Proteins are the
building blocks of our livliness, promoting cell regeneration and
repairing our body when it needs. Proteins are so wonderful for us
because they keep us filled longer and provide our beings with the
much required energy needed to keep us moving and functioning every
moment. Now lets look at vegan protein sources: beans, legumes, dark
leafy greens, Broccoli, nuts, seeds, Cacao Powder and Nibs, Quinoa,
Millet and Amaranth. Also, remember that when you are enjoying your
tasty protein sources I just mentioned, also balancing your protein
and complex carbohydrates is important. Incorporate at least one cup
of different types of grains into your eating plans once a week, to
prevent boredom.
3rd and I Can’t stress enough how important this Thought is:
Oh my, I know that you may despise me for saying this but I am going
to. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Avoid drinking sodas, energy drinks and other
high calorie, sugary drinks. Instead, try teas, smoothies, juices,
water with fruit and herbs added in. Here is where you can add lots of
variety of flavors into your beverage selection to you’re your
tastebuds happy and excited! One challenge when we are transitioning
into new healthy eating, living and fitness lifestyle changes, we
forget that sugar is an addiction just like any other addiction. The
only difference is that we perceive it to be different because it has
become such a mainstay in our lives for a while that we don’t think
twice about it, but I do encourage us to begin to clock our
consumption of sugar for a day. After this we can work on how to omit
the refined sugars and how to beat the symptoms of withdrawl from it.
4th Thought of Clean Eating:
Be inspired by good fats, the Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated
Fats, they come in many forms and are so deliciously tasty that you
won’t even think of an unhealth fat again. The more Clean you eat, the
better you feel and this is very present in the way we feel about
ourselves by the fats that we incorporate into our eating plans. An
important way to begin removing those fats from your lifestyle is by
removing margarines and avoiding fast food, and the way that you can
incorporate healthy fats is by eating olives, cacao powder and nibs,
nuts and seeds, their oils, olive oil, avocados and their oil. Enjoy
them in salads, as a snack, in a smoothie and the many more ways
you’ll learn through the challenge.
5th Thought of Clean Eating and an important one when preparing meals is:
A part of clean eating is eating often and eating smaller meals
through out the day. This encourages your metabolism to be regulated
and keeps you energized through out the day. So, make sure that when
you are planning your meals, try to eat no more than 2 cups total
every 3-4 hours to ensure that your blood sugar levels are stable and
to avoid overeating. When choosing snacks incorporate seeds, nuts,
granolas and non dairy yogurts, like cashew, coconut and almond or
make your own easily, smoothies and vegetable and bean filled wraps,
and many more. We will explore more ideas and tips for snacks as well
as you will receive recipes and health tips weekly.



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