Hello Weekend Flavor lovers, green choppers and flower smellers!



Hello Cultural food explorers, Gazing Kitchen Grazers  & Epicurean Garden to Grubbers! 


Happily the Weekend is here and it’s packed full of VITAMIN D…..sunshine! Oh how sweet it is to dance in the fun, sip some joy and taste lots of excitement!

I’ve been away for a while learning, growing and building, which is amazing but but sadly has meant I’ve neglected you! Balance is an interesting thing now isn’t it…? On the one hand we want to everything and the other hand we’ve got to figure out how to do everything too, effectively, awesomely and keep it passionate. After taking time to do so, I am excitedly planted!

Now let’s talk about what’s going on… I’ve had a youth Afterschool program for the past four years that I created out of passion to reach out to youth through my love of Culinary Anthropology which I developed into a Culinary Anthropolgy Leadership Project called TASTE INTERNATIONAL AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM!  Most of this project I have been also exploring what are the best ways to help our HUMUNGOUS community of young people thrive and not just survive, have support from those believe in them by giving them access to us and learn how to feed their stomachs, minds, spirits and brains….this is a culture all in itself in my opinion. Now, a tremendous thing happened….YOUTH LOVE IT, Our NEW COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP with Central  Co-Op is completely amazing, inspiring how much they believe and support my program! Check them out and drop them a line http://www.centralcoop.coop

What an experience with these youth because the more I hear about culture, nourishment and community, the more I have been working to make it better for them! There is so much more but I will save this for another time, but wanted to share one of the main reasons I’ve been absent!

Secondly, I’ve been growing a HEALING THROUGH FOODS Chef company for many years now and have decided to open a bakery for those with Food sensitivities and overall healthy lifestyles nourishment, while growing the business as a whole! The passion I have for culture, loving comfort food, health and nutrition, growing food and healing through these elements is completely amazing! I have developed a class series, meal planing service, been a guest chef in many environments, schools, camps, non profits and a writer through out the years that my love for this entrepreneurial adventure grows and grows and grows! I’m excited this year for so many amazing experiences and lol forward to be sharing them with you!

Lastly, I’ve got some great support systems now, and with the help of my team, I’ve been working behind the scenes to rebuild an easier to navigate, more useful, shareable website with an online store, calendar of events, recipes, tips and place for you to book your next private chef culinary experience! So much excitement, I’ll be sprinkling lots of my love of HEALING FOOD AND CULTURE with you here, blogging about my program Taste International, writing a much overdue book and partnering with a few media outlets to write about my love HEALING THROUGH FOOD! I’m so excited to share more with you!

My question for you now that you know what’s going on in my world…what would you love to see here that would inspire, engage and make you salivate about CULTURE, NOURISHMENT and HEALING THROUGH FOOD? 

While you’re thinking about this, let’s talk about this weekend! It’s funny on the west but maybe snowing, hailing or windy where you are transplanted, are you heading to any farmers markets, plant sales, or having any visitors drop in? Being that this weekend is MITHERS DAY, which I celebrate daily as you should too, we are focused on happy memory morsels of flavorgasmic delight! 

My theme and thought this weekend for the ladies in my life is to make sure they lounge inside or outside, depending upon the weather, enjoy one another or even quiet time while enjoying healthy comforting love food! 

Stay tuned for photos, recipes, and more!

If you’d like to check out Taste  International’s blog at http://www.tasteinternation.wordpress.com

In wellness,



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