About me

I developed this blog as a way to share my thoughts about life as one focused on how food heals us as human beings and this world we are apart of. I am a business owner catering to specialized palates, those with gluten allergies, vegan, diabetes and many more. I educate in culinary classes, cater to private clients in their homes creating culture specific meals and have created a line of gluten-free and vegan baked goods, we known them well as DESSERTS! But, this is not the avenue I have created to share my products nor sell to you, this blog is to share with you, as I mentioned in my first sentence, to share my thoughts. My thoughts on healing, food and culture!

As I have travelled my journey, I have learned about energy, healing and how ancient awareness plays in every aspect of our beingnesses. I am a believer that we are connected to all things alive, which is everything. The way we connect in life transforms all things healthily or unhealthily, consciousness is a word and image that we apply to make us appear to be some miraculous being rather than recognizing that our role is one of being one with all life, which is loving every single thing alive. Saying that to say that my focus is awareness, gratitude, sharing, healing and transforming, what we are naturally are beings of love, this I share with you through Healing Food Culture.

The healing is voiced and shared through knowledge about the food we eat, the herbs that heal us, how we as beings heal one another by what we do, think, say and feel and we must be accountable to this and willing to work to change, this I like to call introspection, introspection causes us to look within, ask questions and focus on taking the necessary steps on our paths to be who we are meant to be, loving beings!

Food, comes into to play in every aspect of my life, from when I was young playing with spices in the kitchen when I was young to know as I have grown into a chef, healer through food and gardener. I am always learning, as I learn I share with you, because honestly, this is what we are here for, aren’t we? I began a raw journey a few years back and realized during this path, that if I look within to see what my body loves, I will be healthy in every aspect and be able to offer more love outwardly, if I don’t focus on being healthy I will be unhappy, frustrated and continuing to feel like the hamster running the wheel, going nowhere fast. So, I choose healthy. Because I choose healthy, I research nutrition, genetically modified organisms, how energy in a plant forms in Mother Earth and how it transforms us when we consume it, energizing us, and creating the awareness within that every atom that is within the universe, is within each living being we eat (I am speaking of what grows in the ground…plants, trees, bushes, etc.), which in turn is within us! Now how is this for culinary awareness and this awareness equaling awakening of the connection we have with everything! AMAZING!

Now, we have culture! I am amazed at every culture, particularly ancient cultures. Every culture has an important relation to the beginning of life to where we are now. If we look at how and what was going on within cultures thousands upon thousands of years ago, we can overstand how we play into this, how we must question what we have been taught and know that we are all connected! Culturally all living creatures focus on the solar systems, weather and listening to the universe for clarity on movements to make at what times, why and how. The positive impacts cultures have made from food systems, to familial bonds, to respecting and honoring Mother Earth, Clans, Mothers, Bodies of water, Trees, Teacher Creatures and all forms of life known and unknown to us. Our job is to be patient, listen and recognize that we are the vessels, what better way to gain this knowledge than by observing, researching and studying culture. What better way to get culture, than by grounding to the Universe, Earth and listening and discussing with elders their stories, as well as the stories shared with them by their elders.

This is a great committment I take on, to study, research and share with you! I do so in hopes that you will find at least one thing interesting, mind-boggling and intriguing enough for you to begin to ask questions, find answers and ground to the Universe for yourself and share with others!

Please feel free to send questions, make comments and be progressive positive change!

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4 responses to “About me

  1. I think you are doing an awesome task. I have inspired me in my journey to excellent health. I have always used herbal remedies and the expanded knowledge that you share on the various herbs has been beneficial. I’ve tried many of your suggested recipes, juices, and meals. Lovely, lovely results from eating well. and yes I agree with you LOVE is the greatest force in the universe, it is that which keeps ALL in order, even the chaos. Peace and Love to you beautiful ONE!!!

  2. Just wonderful Niece, you have come so far and your journey to learn and share that learning has come across very well. I am very proud of how you are developing. Your page and the many things you share are great. Keep us informed, I love to learn and so do the many others that read your page. Always Love

  3. I really love your blog! I would love to feature you on my blog lexisgreenguide.wordpress.com if you would like to be featured please email lexisgreenguide.gmail.com Thanks!

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